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Private Medical Insurance: A Brief Comparison

With the average insurance policy coming in at over £100 per month, for many people the cost of Private Medical Insurance can be extremely expensive. Those who are older or who have already experienced certain health issues can expect their premium to be even higher.

What’s more, some insurance products will not even guarantee that you will receive private care if the NHS are able to provide the same treatment within a certain period of time.

What are the different factors which affect the cost of Private Medical Insurance?


Insurers charge higher premiums the older you get since the likelihood of you requiring expensive treatments increases with age. For the over 50’s this can be particularly noticeable.

My Health PA members pay the same price regardless of age!

Pre-Existing Conditions

Many insurers will not cover pre-existing conditions unless you have gone a lengthy period of time without needing treatment. Even then, the cost of the premium is likely to be far more than the cost for the same cover on an identical person who has not experienced the same illness. Diabetes, stroke, cancer and heart conditions are all likely to be excluded for those who have experienced them previously.

This is not a concern for members of My Health PA since there are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions whatsoever.


The cost of Private Medical Insurance can be dramatically effected by your postcode for reasons which aren’t always overly transparent.

Members of My Health PA pay the same price regardless of wherever they live!


As you might expect, smokers are likely to pay more for Private Medical Insurance but some insurers will now also consider your body’s height and weight ratio before calculating your premium.

Because My Health PA is not an insurance product, lifestyle does not factor into the cost of our service.

Private Medical Insurance Excess

Just as with many other insurance policies whether for your car or home, Private Medical Insurance policies will have an excess. This is generally a fixed amount paid by you in the event that you make claim and the insurer will pay the remaining amount. So, if your policy carries an excess of £200 and your treatment comes to £1,200, your insurer would only pay for £1,000 of the total costs. The excess amount on your policy will have a direct affect on the cost of your premium.

With My Health PA there are no excess fees!

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