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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re always delighted to help answer new member’s questions most of which we find are in relation to either how the service works or whether certain existing conditions can will be covered. Here are our six most frequently asked questions.

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How does My Health PA effect income or corporation tax?

Unlike Private Medical Insurance, My Health PA is not seen as a benefit in kind. This means there is no P11D liability for the employee and so they will not pay a single penny more in tax! What’s more, the full cost of your company’s membership can be claimed against your corporation tax liability.

How can you cover my existing medical conditions when my insurer wont?

Generally speaking, Private Medical Insurers can be very reluctant to cover pre-existing medical conditions. This is especially the case if the condition is still current and you have recently received treatment for it because it means that your policy will very likely create a loss for the insurer.

Thankfully, because My Health PA is a service and not an insurance product we do not have to make any exclusions.

How come there are no restrictions on age?

In much the same way that we do not exclude existing medical conditions, your age will not alter the price of your membership. This is because My Health PA is a service and not an insurance product and we do not have to calculate your membership fee based on the likely cost of insurance payouts.

Can I get immediate access to treatment?

Yes! There are no qualifying time limits or waiting periods. Even if you have an existing ailment which is concerning you, My Health PA can assist you from the moment you become a member.

Is there a minimum number of employees that can be covered?

There is no minimum, your business can cover just one employee and add additional members at anytime.

Is there a maximum number of employees that can be covered?

Our business plans are designed for companies where up to 250 employees will be covered. For companies looking to cover a larger number of employees, we normally find some customisations are required and so please, get in touch so a member of our team can better understand your needs.

Can an employee pay to upgrade to a family membership themselves?

Yes! What’s more, this will then qualify the family to add up to 5 children to their membership free of charge!

How does My Health PA benefit the NHS?

Everyday thousands of NHS consultations, investigations and procedures are cancelled by patients, and these can be extremely difficult for NHS teams to fill at short notice.

By using My Health PA, you are able to access cancellations which may have otherwise been wasted which helps reduce the burden on the NHS caused by waiting lists.

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